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2B Picture
Picture courtesy of 7spot
The Robin Hood 2B

General Info

The 2B model was launched by Robin Hood in readiness for the new Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) process introduced in 1998. In a break from the previous Robin Hood model range, the 2B utilised a spaceframe chassis constructed from 1.5” round mild steel or stainless steel tube, in place of a folded stainless sheet monocoque chassis, and separate mild or stainless steel exterior panels.

The 2B was envisaged to use a single donor car, the Ford Sierra, at a time when MOT failure Sierras could be obtained for as little as £50.

Throughout the lifetime of the 2B, there were a number of chassis variants offered by Robin Hood relating to the front suspension layout.

The principal of the 2B tubular chassis was carried over to the later Superspec models, albeit with many other detail changes in the chassis and body panel designs.

Rear Suspension

Front Suspension & Steering


Interior and Controls

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