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The Robin Hood Series III/IIIA

The Robin Hood Series III was introduced in 1997 and the collection days started in March. The specification of the Series III was then changed to enable it to pass the new SVA (Single Vehicle Approval) regulations that were due to be introduced that year. The new version became the Series IIIA with collection days starting in October 1997. The SVA test introduction was delayed until 1998.

The Series III and IIIA’s official name is the Series III and IIIA but are referred to by some as the Series 3, S3, Mark 3 or Mk 3 and Series 3A, S3A, Mark 3 or Mk 3A just to cause confusion.

The price of the Series III was £1995 + vat, this is the original sales brochure.  The price of the Series IIIA was £2650 + vat, this is the original sales brochure.

The Series IIIA was also available as a Rover V8 powered kit.

The Series III and IIIA were sold on the basis that all you required to complete the build was a Ford Sierra donor car. The donor was used to supply the engine, gearbox, the complete independent rear suspension including differential, steering column with switch gear, foot pedals, fuse box and some of the wiring loom and connectors.

The Series IIIA was supplied with additional items: instrument cluster (Ford Escort Mk5), front disc and callipers (Ford Sierra XR4), servo unit and master cylinder, washer reservoir and pump, clutch cable, handbrake cable, speedo cable, drill bits and safety gloves.

The Series III and IIIA have a stainless steel monocoque which differed slightly from the earlier S7. The tub is slightly wider which covered the ends of the rear suspension beam. The driver’s seating area is wider than the passenger side due to the prop shaft tunnel being off centre as the Sierra differential is offset. The other major difference was the front suspension, this now used a Sierra track control arm with a new top wishbone and inboard mounted coil over shock absorbers.

In 1998 the New Series III was released and cost £2950 + vat, this is the original sales brochure.

The specification of the Series IIIA was changed in April 1998, again driven by the evolving SVA regulations and became the New Series III. This had a new double unequal length wishbone front suspension setup with outboard shocks and springs. The kit was supplied with additional items: wheels and tyres, a re-designed dashboard, and various other parts.

Some of the Series III kits had a crumple zone front bumper bar. The brochures for the III, IIIA and New Series III listed this, but some cars do not have it fitted.  

Useful Information

There never was a build manual for the Series III, build instructions were supplied as videos on VHS tapes. These videos are on YouTube along with build videos for other Robin Hood models. Search YouTube for Robin Hood Series III Build Video Part 1, 2,or 3.

Chassis Cracking

Bushes wearing

Wear in Mounting Holes

Clutch Issues

Rear Shock Absorber Mount

Anti-Roll Bar

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