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The Robin Hood 2B SuperSpec was produced by Robin Hood Engineering from about 2003 to the demise of the Company around 2006.  Unlike previous versions of the 2B, which required a donor car, the Superspec was sold as rolling chassis with the drive train already installed.   The kit contained everything that was needed to complete the build.    All the parts were brand new except for the rear axle which was refurbished.  As a result, once it has passed the SVA/IVA it could have an age-related plate.   The major parts involved were as follows:

Engine    Primarily the Rover T16 (DOHC, 16-valve, 2000cc) as fitted to the Rover 200/400/800 series, either with or without turbo (There was an alternative option to fit a Ford DOHC instead).

Gearbox  A Ford MT75 5-speed box, originally used in the LHD Ford Granada.

Differential and Drive Shafts:  as used in the Ford Sierra.

Bodywork: Precut Stainless Steel Panels with an optional titanium (gold) finish, and GRP wings and nosecone in either Green, Blue, Yellow or Red.

Useful Information  (Mainly for the Rover engines)

Wiring Diagrams:    We have numerous wiring diagrams.  Robin Hood issued a general wiring diagram with the kit and that is here.  Subsequently they issued 2 addendums, the first one dealt with the tachometer, flasher unit and ignition and the second one covered the wiper motor and instrument cluster wiring.  However the best wiring diagram was produced by Andy Waller and while it represents his car it should be very similar to all Superspecs and is certainly a good place to start.  

Superspec Parts List: This is a list of every important part in the car and what we think is the origian of each part.  Please add to this if you know any missing items.  We also have a copy of the original checklist that came with the kit.

Decoding your Drive Train: Although we theoretically have identical drivetrains, we have found that there are different versions of the Rover engine depending on which car it was destined for, different ratio differentials, different drive shafts.  Here is an article on how you can determine what types you have.

Emissions Test: Superspecs have always suffered with problems passing the Emissions Test.   Here is my advice on what to do give yourself the best chance of passing it.

Engine:  We have researched the background of the Rover engines and found they were all manufactured around 1994/5.   But that means some missed out on a major upgrade carried out in mid-1994.   This file tells you all the details of the modification and which engine numbers missed out.   We have also included a full copy of the Workshop Manual for the engine.

Clutch: Most of you will suffer from the infamous "Superspec Clutch Rattle".  Here is an article that covers it in some detail.

MEMS:   We use the Rover Modular Engine Management System (MEMS) 1.6 ECU and it is important you understand how it operates.   We have got a copy of Chapter 4 of the Haynes Manual on ECUs, which covers our model.   We have also produced a Windows software application that you can use to analyse the ECU to see if everything is working as it should.

Cooling System:  The design of the cooling system was not at all logical.   We have an article here that explains the drawbacks of the factory fit and offers a refined version.

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